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Social Responsibilities

Ajanta Quartz

Green Environment-

“Without Mother Earth, we are nothing”
Rapid industrialization has taken a toll on the once beautiful town of Morbi. Hundreds of ceramic units dot this small town and this has resulted in it being affected by pollution. Ajanta India Private Limited has taken the initiative of contributing to a greener environment by planting saplings in and around the vicinity of its premises. We care and we want to ensure that the people of Morbi get clean air for these are the ones who have welcomed and helped us to be what we are today.
Ajanta Quartz

Women Empowerment-

“Success is when you empower the women around you”
We take pride in the fact that our major workforce constitutes women whose selfless dedication has always kept our morale strong and high. In order to facilitate education for women from remote and rural areas, we have built schools and hostels here, where there are arrangements for their study as well as stay for free or at nominal rates.
Ajanta Quartz

Contribution to Orphanages-

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”
At Ajanta, we have learned that contribution or donation is the way of making a difference. Aid helps the less privileged in making their lives better. Following this philosophy, Ajanta makes generous contributions for the welfare of the underprivileged at orphanages. In keeping with the motto of a clean green environment, we have planted trees at the orphanage yard so that the residents get to breathe pure and fresh air always.
Ajanta Quartz
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