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Ajanta Quartz has introduced the LED lighting product series that lasts a lifetime. This new generation of energy saving LED lighting product combines innovation with performance and its perfectly uniform visual appearance gives better light effect and luminescence.
Ajanta LED tubes and bulbs are uniquely and perfectly designed and offer an incredible experience to beautify your home and offices. Our LED lamps exceptionally combine purity and beauty and offer energy efficiency of the highest caliber with the perfect light quality and power output. Find the perfect lighting from our range of luminaries that illuminates every room with bright energizing lights. Select from our extensive range of products that come in a variety of power outputs and helps you in creating the perfect atmosphere for your living space. There is something for you in every product and be sure to save energy and reduce your household bills with our extraordinary LED lighting products.
Ajanta LED product series range from the essential bulbs to the flood lights that seamlessly combine with the conventional products so that it can be easily integrated to give superior light quality products. Ajanta LED products are intelligent, intuitive and at the same time easy to install offering you new lighting experiences that are so effortless, it just works. Our product is delivered to offer power-packed performance and is backed by great warranty with world-class customer support. Our high performance LED range of products offer you incredible value coupled with high performance. It is the go-to option when you want to make your life simple and valuable.
  • Quik Hot Instant Water Heater 3L
    Quik Hot Instant Water Heater 3L
     3,750.00  3,950.00
  • TYPHOON500
     4,270.00  4,495.00
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